Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more baby stuff

yesterday i had visits to two pediatricians' offices. they were scheduled several hours apart, so in between i went to target to pick up a few things for ninja. i finally bought a changing pad, a waterproof mattress cover for the crib, and a couple of plain white crib sheets. none of it was all that exciting, but they were all things i knew we'd need or want.
i'm still pondering the idea of buying bumper pads for the crib, but i'm having trouble finding something i like in a price range that doesn't seem utterly ridiculous. for example, i really like the simplicity of this one, but there's no way i would pay that much for bumper pads in a million bazillion years.


Brian Christopher said...

Just passing through and saying hello.

missy said...

from what i hear, bumper pads are now a no no.. i guess they increase the risk of sids. of course, if you're like me and only use the crib for decoration, they're great! :P

--r said...

yeah. i was debating on the bumper pads. i've heard comments both ways.
also, did you have a pattern for your changing pad covers? or did you just make them like a pillowcase?

Ang said...

Babies R Us sell the bumper pads seperatly. They aren't that horribly priced, if you are interested.

Ang said...

I checked the price on this one. WOW, that's crazy. The one I got was 19.99.

missy said...

i had billion extra receiving blankets, so i used those mostly and just folded it over the changing pad and stitched along the ends.. that way it's open in the back so you can change it easily (because it WILL get poop on it). i should probably bring the changing pad anyway since i wont have a changing table, so you can check it out.


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