Sunday, December 7, 2008

catch up post #2 - hanging of the greens

friday evening we went to the "hanging of the greens" at church. for the traditional potluck i made gingerbread muffins. for a recipe i hadn't made before (and randomly pulled off the internet and altered), they turned out pretty well. i think that the recipe could use some tweaks, but it's probably a keeper. the craft that i helped to run was making these little angels with the "bell bottoms" (as mike referred to them). the tricky parts had to be put on with hot glue, so that made it more difficult than i thought it would be (and also made it frustrating for some of the participants). mike won extra bonus "good boy" points for guarding the hot glue gun.

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missy said...

jeremy's mom said they had hanging of the greens at their church this year. they didn't have any cool crafts though...


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