Sunday, December 7, 2008

catch up post #1

this past thursday was a pretty busy day. in the morning i had another doctor's appointment. it's always good news to know that ninja is doing well and that all seems to be going as it should. i also reached the "every two weeks" point with my doctor visits - ahh! after my appointment i made a quick stop at target and bought some socks and admired all the baby whatsits. i'm hoping to go again sometime soon and actually buy some of the stuff we'll need, but that was for another day. after target, i went to mom and dad's to help with a project for church and do a little visiting. it was fun to see their new, fancy, paper-cutting machine and get in some real visiting. also, while i was home, i managed to find my old blocks (pictured above). i've been keen on bringing them home for a while so that i could pass them on to ninja (and also so i could play with them again - which i did). that evening, mike and i attended our first "prepared childbirth" class. i think we each got something out of the class. we completed our evening with a trip to chipotle. by the time class was out (9:30pm), we were both hungry for some dinner. it was yummy and spicy, and luckily there was no heartburn to be had. i guess ninja even likes food with a bit of a kick!

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