Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sleepy baby

perhaps this is what we need for nap/bedtime. they also have other bands: metallica, radiohead, led zepplin, the beatles and most of them are available on rhapsody. i already know that sammy enjoys the beatles, no lullaby versions needed. he and i were rocking out to them while i made dinner the other night. of course, he seems to enjoy most of the music on my mp3 player, especially when we bounce his chair to the beat and sing along.


i wanted to try posting video from our camera, so i took a little clip of sam waking up after his catnap.

Monday, February 23, 2009

golden boy

i couldn't resist a photo of sam in his yellow outfit. this little hat (brought by grandma henderson) is probably the only one that has stayed on his head more than 60 seconds, thanks to the chin strap. i'm wondering if i need to rig up something similar for his other hats.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

out and about

we all went out today to do our weekly shopping. sam got suited up for the occasion and i was able to get a few photos. it seemed like the weather was a little cold for his liking, but we made at least four stops before coming home, and he was sleeping peacefully for all of them.

i felt bad for mike, who got harrassed by the lady in the checkout line. she seemed to think that 11 days old was too soon for the three of us to be out and about, when in fact he had volunteered to do the shopping solo. of course, i was really looking forward to getting out of the house with sam and couldn't be persuaded to stay home. it's a good thing mike is such a good sport.

Friday, February 20, 2009

worried eyebrows

mom requested a photo of sam for the church newsletter, so i parked him in his bouncy chair in front of the window and snapped a few. sam seems to spend a lot of time wearing his worried eyebrows. i think maybe he's just weirded out by his wacky mom.

in other news, sam weighed in at a hefty 7lb 6oz at his doctor visit today. he's doing so well that he doesn't go back for another three weeks. yay sammy! and i was able to put on my old non-maternity jeans. yay mommy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


sam and i went for our first walk together today. i was bored of being inside, and he was feeling loud and unhappy, so we bundled up and got him in the carrier and we went out into the drizzle.
unfortunately, i didn't get any photos of him in his blue fuzzy suit. he fussed as he was getting dressed for the cold, and fussed when it was time to get undressed, so i decided to forgo the photos. needless to say, he was rather cute - especially since the suit is way too big right now and makes him look tinier than he is.
anywho, we walked around the neighborhood and down to aunt karen and uncle doug's house and back. it took sam all of three blocks before he was asleep. this wasn't exactly surprising. he did the same thing when he was still on the inside.
image via here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1 week

it's hard to believe sam's been here a whole week. he's already settling in and starting to take in his new surroundings. right now he's sitting looking at our big bay window with big blue eyes and not fussing. there haven't been a whole lot of awake times yet where he wasn't fussing, so this is a very good thing.
we're still wondering what he dreams about when he's sleeping. it looks like something very deep...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sam i am.

this is sam (samuel robert), born february 10, 2009. already the coolest thing i've ever made. *with mike's help, of course.*

Sunday, February 8, 2009

perhaps the last

today may be the last day with my big ol' baby belly, and the last day for mike and i to be a two-some. i go to be induced tomorrow and am really hoping for a safe journey for ninja into our family. it's not exactly the situation i was hoping for, as i really wanted him to show up on his own, but i'm considering this my first parenting lesson in flexibility. safe travels, kiddo! we can't wait to see you on the other side.

love note

missy has me inspired. i love her mailboxes and am hoping to send something to put in them. i've pulled out my fun papers, fancy scissors, and hole punches and am gettin' down with my crafty self. i know i can't quite mail a hug, but if i could, i would.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

last but not least

i can't let this special day pass without a mention of my niece's birthday.

happy birthday ally!!

we will be joining the fam for a little celebratory dinner tonight, and i'm totally looking forward to it. i'm sorry i wasn't able to give her a cousin for her birthday, but i hope she's having a great one anyway.

for those keeping score, that's 10 birthdays for ally, 0 for ninja

give a little bit...

valentine's day decorations on the small scale.

what i've been up to...

while not having a baby.

i started a new knitting project...

and started working from home...

this is one of the projects on my list of things to do while at home. i'm also working on the coloring book and the full-color companion version.

40 weeks - or 40+

i guess it depends on whose calendar you're following, but this will likely be the last of the belly photos. i'm ready to say goodbye to the belly and greet my feet!

been a while...

sorry about being among the missing this past week. i've had a bad case of ninja-brain. mostly hoping that he would be showing up sometime soon.

alas, it has not been so. he is perfectly content (as far as i can tell) to stay put. i've still got hopes that we won't have to resort to evicting him come monday, but the plans are being set, just in case.


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