Monday, March 28, 2011

winter—we are so over it

sam and i have been looking for spring with mixed success. have have seen the crocuses coming up (and a few other green friends), but for the most part, it's been downright frigid.
last week we sucked it up long enough to make a quick trip to the playground. the sun was shining brightly, but we had a hard time being convinced that it was gorgeous play weather while there was still snow on the ground. the trip did not last long and culminated in a tearful sam finally calling it quits and admitting that it was just too cold for this kind of outing.
we're awfully glad for our nice, warm house and are remembering to say a little prayer for those who aren't so lucky.

Friday, March 11, 2011

homebound, but not earthbound

we've had about five inches of snow in the last 16 hours or so, which means we're staying inside again today. it also means we're left looking for fun activities to do around the house (that don't include watching wall-e or cars for the billionth time). this morning we made a rocketship (with an astronaut and an alien and some stars to hang in the sky).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

kitchen helper

when sam asked for cereal this morning (well after he'd eaten his breakfast), i thought it would be fun to make up some rice krispie treats (i haven't made real rice krispie treats in ages, so i had to look up the recipe online—it can be found here), so he stood at the counter and helped me count how many cups of cereal, and how many cups of mini-marshmellows.
of course, after "tasting" about half a cup of marshmellows, he wasn't actually interested in eating any treats, but it was kinda fun anyway.
he's now standing behind me washing dishes and singing "let's. go. fly. kite. up to heightest tight…"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

spring flowers

i also tried this tutorial for making cute fabric flowers (and bookmarked a couple more here and here for later).
i was thinking i might use these for a necklace too, but they'd be cute on hairclips or headbands (if you're into those kinds of things).

beading frenzy

after looking through the statement necklaces in the new anthropologie catalog, i decided that some of the old necklaces i've made could use a funky, new update. so i armed myself with some new beads and such, and started cannibalizing and restringing. a few hours later (and for a fraction of the price) i've got some fun new neckware.

here are a few photos of what i've made so far:
and i've still got quite a few beads and findings left to play with.
at the very least, i'll be enjoying some homemade style this spring (when it finally decides to arrive, that is).


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