Thursday, January 10, 2013

project sam—47 months old

i decided i couldn't do a lucy update without doing one for sam, too.
it's hard to believe that sam is quickly closing in on four years old. it seems like only yesterday he was a little peanut of a kid. not anymore. this boy can talk up a storm about all kinds of things, chiefly star wars, angry birds, and the antics of all of his imaginary entourage (particularly "good darth vadar", luke skywalker, and oliver track, among others). he runs, he jumps, he climbs, and he still crashes with regularity (i'm anticipating his yearly trip to the ER right around his birthday). he draws and colors (lots of maps) and can write his name quite legibly. he's fairly good at recognizing all his letters (though he gets stage fright quite frequently). i think he's looking forward to going to preschool, as some of his friends from daycare have already begun. this week he was invited to his first friend birthday party (his friend gavin from daycare is turning 5!), so that will be a new adventure for him. he still puzzles with ease, and enjoys lots of (educational) video games on the computer and ipad.
sam is still quite a handful sometimes (mostly when he's avoiding quiet time or bed), but overall, he's such a great little guy. he loves his sister with ferocity and is anxious to have her join in his adventures. and i'm doing my best to follow along on his train of fun.

the lucy project—month 5

lucy at 5 months old:

  • likes to try to sit up on her own (even though she's not quite ready yet)
  • enjoys standing (while someone holds her hands, of course)
  • still HATES tummy time
  • occasionally likes being tossed in the air
  • likes being sung to
  • still thinks her brother is the best toy ever
  • has had a few good nights in her very own bed (though she still prefers the company of her parents when sleeping)
  • likes to chew, mostly on burp cloths and sleeves (despite the fact that she got a few cool chewing toys for christmas). still no teeth to speak of, but we're anticipating one any time now.
  • coos, gurgles, and babbles with the best of them (accompanied by plenty of drool and spit bubbles)
  • likes to twist and reach for things over her shoulder while getting her diaper changed (not sure what this is about, but i remember sam doing the exact same thing. perhaps she thinks we like a challenge. we don't. particularly when poop is involved.)
  • very much enjoys reaching and grabbing (no dangly earrings for me for a while)
  • is fascinated by patterns and pictures (she's always grabbing at prints or pictures in books)
  • enjoys baby einstein videos (which sam still likes, so that's kind of awesome)
  • takes the best naps when she's in a carrier (*sigh*)
  • likes to play while sitting in my lap (which is why there's always a mound of laundry waiting to be done and floors waiting to be swept)

i'm sure there's more, but i'm trying my best to spend time soaking her in rather than making lists of her accomplishments. before i know it, she won't have time for me anymore!

blog bomb

one of my new year's resolutions is to blog more frequently so that i don't end up spending two hours looking through photos and figuring out how to do an update. i'm still not there yet.
here are a few photos to recap our christmas/new year activities:

little elf in her jinglebell hat • results from the strudel run on christmas eve
lucy in her fancy christmas dress (courtesy of aunt angie) • sam at the christmas eve service

a new red light saber (from santa) • sam and his two light sabers
christmas breakfast at g + g's house • grandpa gets lucy down for a nap with his jedi whistling powers

opening presents • christmas dinner (worth the wait!)

sam and his new star wars ships (awesome!) • getting ready for bed in columbus
back to columbus after the ikea marathon • clean baby for the new year

sam in his jedi cloak (from aunt missy—super stoked!) • grandpa wearing lucy's princess leia hair hat
aunt angie putting the love smack-down on lucy • lucy modeling the hair hat (ultra cute!)

lucy with two of her buddies (edison and brewster) • who's that cute girl in the mirror?
the puzzler and his puzzle • sam's "parking lot and map" picture with signature

look out 2013, we're here and we're gonna make it great!

what happened to all the bananas?

they all got turned into banana swirls, of course.
sam learned this recipe on daniel tiger's neighborhood a few days before christmas, and he was slightly (ever so slightly) obsessed with making them (despite the fact that he really didn't seem all that interested in eating them).
in any case, it was a fun activity. and luckily, i thought it was pretty tasty.

here's how you do it:
  • take a banana and break it into pieces
  • put the pieces into a tupperware and put them in the freezer
  • after they're frozen (i can't remember how long we were able to wait before sam's head threatened to explode with excitement, i think it may have been four hours or so), toss them in the blender (i used my immersion blender) and swirl those suckers up until they're the consistency of slightly melty ice cream

it tastes like banana ice cream (but clearly much better for you than real ice cream. that is until you get the idea that it would taste like a banana split if you added some chocolate sauce, and maybe some peanuts, and a cherry on get the idea).
now go and try it. you know you want to.


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