Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the lucy project—3 years old

what can i say about three-year-old lucy? in a word, lucy is spunky. there is so much spunk, so much independence, so much sass that it oozes out when i give her a squeeze. hello kitty bows and sparkly shoes one day, demands to be batman (and NOT batgirl or batwoman) the next, she keeps life interesting and hones my diplomatic skills constantly. she will determinedly take a stand that is completely wrong and will defend it to the death, with no other evidence than "it is how i say it is!" but then there are times when she knows a losing battle, and will give in with a dramatic, "alriiiiiight..." you never know what you're going to get. never.
lucy can turn on her sweetness, particularly when dealing with her "babies", but she can also turn it off just as easily. she loves all her animals and dolls and takes care of them with lots of love and hugs (when she's not throwing them in the air or slamming them into the ground).
she loves to sing and dance and will make up songs and dance around in the most charming way. her version of "let it go" always makes me smile.
lucy's favorite foods are: pizza (with pepperoni), noodles that she can dip in sauce, cheesy tacos, carrots, and fruit. though, if you try to predict what she will or won't eat on any day, you will surely fail. when her plate is completely emptied without a battle, i feel as though i ought to buy a lottery ticket.
we are still trying to convince her to use the potty without success. i feel like she will do it in her own time, but in the meantime i am anxious to have it happen. it's the kind of thing that i think can only be successful if she's really on board, and lucy is rarely on board for the long haul, even when m&ms are involved.
no matter what she throws my way, i'm always glad we've got a lucy. she is a treasure.

the stats:
height - 37 inches (50th percentile)
weight - 27.19 lbs (15th percentile)


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