Thursday, June 21, 2012

pudding painting

i remember hearing about this a million years ago, but thought it might be fun for sam to try today. he happened to talk daddy and me into buying some vanilla pudding at the grocery last saturday, so i mixed up a little bit with red, yellow, and blue food coloring and was going to let sam finger paint with it—plus, he'd get to lick his fingers and generally get all messy, fun right?

well, it turned out that sam was a little gun shy when it came to putting his fingers into the pudding paint—go figure! but he did use a spoon to blop it and stir it around and such. of course, his favorite part was the eating.
when he was done, we took the remainder of the pudding and i had him guess what color we'd make if we mixed the different colors—a tasty lesson in color theory.

making—father's day

sam and i cooked up a few projects for father's day. we made some wrapping paper and decorated this frame for grandpa. we also took a photo to put in it.
i particularly had a good time coming up with phrases for the wrapping paper like "i love you more than garbage trucks" or "i love you more than star wars", and sam really enjoyed getting a chance to use markers for a change. i love crafting with my little sidekick.

cordelia @ 32 weeks

we had our 32 week appointment this morning, and all seems well. cordelia was in fine form, pushing back at the doppler and basically moving around so that it was difficult for the doctor to get a reading on her heartbeat. this girl is definitely not one to sit still, and i'm hoping she'll decide to make her own entrance (preferably soon after july 22nd—37 weeks) and not wait around for someone to grab her and yank her out the way they had to with sam. one can only hope.
in the meantime, she's a busy gal. making sure that i know she's there most of the day and doing her best to let me know that it would be fine with her if there was a bit more leg-room. sorry, kid. there's only so much i can do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i don't know if you remember this post, but sam was the inspiration for one of the figures on this book cover (he's quite the little model of cuteness for TPP recently):

well, the authors are now working on an upcoming "sequel" and i got to work on the cover for that too. here's the sketch (it's going to the shooting squad today, and i hope it survives!):
i'm sure you can spot the sammy—happy hair and all!

Friday, June 15, 2012

recently, according to instagram

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• mommy in her "glamour girl" sunglasses


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