Monday, December 8, 2008

maybe i'm a sap...

...but i'm okay with that.
last night while i was peddling myself along on the elliptical and looking for distractions on tv, i happened on "the parent trap" on the tcm channel. it was already more than halfway over, but i watched the last 45 minutes or so with relish. it's one of those movies that i never get tired of watching (as long as it's the original). Even though i know it's sappy and sugary and might give other grown-ups cavities, i still love it.
the movie following it was the even sappier "pollyanna" and if it hadn't already been 10 o'clock on a work-night, i probably would have stayed up to watch it also.
i'm still hoping to happen on "miracle on 34th street" like i did last year. i've forgotten what channel it was (possibly tcm) that showed it back-to-back - first the black-and-white version, and then the colorized one. i watched both.

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