Monday, December 15, 2008

dream a little dream

less than a week until missy and her entourage arrive! hoo-rah!

i've been looking forward to this so much that i've started having dreams about it. the other night i had a dream that i was helping oscar wipe off his face and hands after eating something messy. the result was that instead of getting clean, the mess just spread all over his face until it was completely covered. weird, eh?


mom said...

could be more truth to that than fiction. Some gooey messes are just evil. ;-)

Ang said...

You're being overpowered by the evil pregnancy dreams. They are so vivid aren't they. Plus, Moms right some gooey messes are evil.

missy said...

mom and angie are right about the gooey messes!

i cant wait to get there! i think i'll start packing tonight if i get a chance.


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