Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the lucy project—month 4

lucy went in for her 4 month check up last week and she weighed in at 11.75lbs (6.6th percentile) and 25 inches tall (73.6th percentile). though she started out about three inches shorter than sam, she seems to be catching up quite nicely.
not much else has changed about her (she's still rocking the spit up and cute fuzzy thing). she's also been working on chewing stuff (mostly sleeves and burpcloths), which has us suspecting that she's going to sprout a tooth any time now (sam's first tooth was just around the 5 month mark, so it wouldn't be too surprising), and grabbing things (her aim is pretty good, but her fingers don't always cooperate as well as she would like). we've been working on a bedtime routine, and she's even spent a good few hours in her crib each night (typically until between midnight and 2 am (when she wakes up hungry). she's also starting to giggle and be ticklish, which is a lot of fun (particularly for daddy, who is fond of tickling his children).

december update

what we did in december: festive babylegs for december 1st • put up the first ornament on the advent calendar • sam practiced his signature • nice weather meant decorating outdoors (with lightsabers, of course) • the last leaf pile of the year (better jump in quick!) • fresh air makes sleepy babies • sam making a picture for santa • early morning (before kids wake up it's quiet around here) • plaid and stripes for a little bean • sam at the playground • stockings get hung • christmas card gets designed • tree fetching means warm hats and rubber boots • boy does that tree look nice (and so does the little helper) • pretty lights, sleepy little girl • treat maker (and taste tester) • time to knock over some towers

end of november update

after we crossed off all the items on our bucket list, we were off to columbus for a visit. we spent a couple of days hanging out at grandma + grandpa's house (daddy went to the osu/michigan game), and then back home again. we made paper snowflakes, tried making buttermilk biscuits (not too bad), built some babylegs (grey heart ones courtesy of aunt missy), and had a great time baking some holiday cupcakes (from scratch!)

visiting tower city

we also took cousins on our traditional trip to tower city to see the decorations. i'm not sure they found it all that impressive, but we had fun eating out at the winking lizard and making wishes in the fountain.

hiking with cousins

one of the things that we did during the cousin visit in november was go to the park and feed the birds at the overlook. in reality there wasn't much bird feeding because three enthusiastic little people and birds don't exactly mix. we did have a good time (despite the fact that i lost my sunglasses), and afterward we spent some quality time on the swings (always a winning activity for sam). we also paid a visit to menchie's (another winning activity), and followed up with some chipotle for dinner (awesome).

filling in the blanks

from november: a picnic at dusk (photo of the lake), hanging out with daddy, lucy all bundled up for walkies, lucy's silver heart onesie, sam at the playground, days at home are a blur


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