Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010


we took sam out to the bowling alley today. he had a great time hanging out and looking at all that was going on and being passed around to all the family.

almost every time we go out, we get comments about how good and easy-going sam is. i'm not sure how we got so lucky to have such an awesome little kiddo, but i'm really glad he's ours.

Friday, March 26, 2010

a quick sammy update

sam is a walking wiz: in the last few weeks, he's become a pretty great walker. i'm glad he's not running yet, but i'm afraid it won't be long before i'll be sprinting after him.

sam likes to get tackled: he knows that when he holds the football, someone will come and tackle him. he makes sure that we see that he's holding the ball, and sits there expectantly with a very large grin on his face. cuteness!

sam likes to be tickled: i think his ticklespots are growing by the day. he loves to be chased and tickled, and i'm more than willing to oblige. he also has the best laugh.

sam can shake his head "yes": he's finally starting to figure out "no" and "yes" and will shake his head in a very exaggerated way. it's extremely adorable.

sam is working on words: his favorite words are baby, picture, piggies, clock, and cracker. i think he's also working on "oscar". he likes to look at the baby picture of cousin oscar.

sam can totally work the stairs: he is awesome. i barely worry about him going up or down anymore, but i don't like him to go anywhere without me and try to keep a close eye on him. he has gotten away from us on a few occasions though.

sam takes bites: we don't have to break up his crackers or bread for him anymore. in fact, he will protest if you try. he wants the chance to show off his chompers, and seems to have figured out that he doesn't really have to shove the entire piece of food in his mouth at once. he's also very good at trying new foods, and is not put off by spices or sauces or something different. if it's on someone else's plate (especially grandpa henderson's), he wants to try it.

sam rocks: he loves to sit in the kid size rocking chair and rock back and forth. he can't get into the seat on his own yet, but he's not shy in letting you know that that's where he wants to be.

back to our regularly scheduled chaos

we've been very busy around here. there has been much walking (especially once the snow finally cleared from the sidewalks), and sam is sporting his first pair of real, functional shoes. and he actually seems to like them too (i got into trouble today for putting away his shoes when he didn't really need to be wearing any. go figure.)
for my part, i've been extremely busy with different work projects, and when you add that to the regular craziness, there were few minutes to spare for blogging.
but hopefully things will be slowing down enough that i can do a little catching up, and catching you up on all that's going on with sam, our fabulous little fellow.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new toy

when we were at the bookstore picking up some birthday gifts, i spotted these wood alphabet magnets. i thought they'd be the perfect thing to occupy sam while i make dinner. he's been having a great time playing with my magnets recently, especially since our cabinets are metal, so he can basically put magnets all over the kitchen.
anywho, we had a good time making all sorts of words sunday night before dinner. of course, sometime between then and tonight's dinner, we lost our letter "o". it's the sort of thing that drives me nuts. i've looked all over the kitchen and can't seem to find it anywhere. i guess i should've watched what sammy was doing a little more closely. i did look in the trash and am pretty confident it didn't land there, so i'm hopeful it will turn up again sometime.

march birthdays

i wanted to find a dinosaur card for oscar for his birthday, but couldn't seem to locate one i liked. so i decided to just make one myself. another chance to break out the art supplies and step away from the keyboard. i really think i need to do more things like this. so much fun. i hope he likes it.

crafty time

last saturday night i decided i needed to put down the mouse and have an evening of craftiness with my box of paper scraps. i had it in mind to make these little monsters for sammy's room, and although it was a frivolous way to spend an evening, it was an awful lot of fun.


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