Tuesday, March 31, 2009


we've got a good selection of children's books, but we're starting to run out of new stories, so i'm trying to institute a weekly trip to the library. last friday the three of us walked up and got seven books—one for each night of the week. we picked a few old favorites (caps for sale, where the wild things are) and a bunch of stories that were new to us. my favorite of the new-to-us titles so far has been pirates don't change diapers. it had fun illustrations and the story was cute.

mike's become our bedtime reader. it was his idea to have a matinee book, a feature presentation, and an encore. the matinee is always the feature from the previous night, the feature is a new book, and then the encore is always goodnight moon. sometimes when sam has already dozed off, we still read the stories because we want to hear them. it's a lot of fun.

i'm also compiling a list of books to look for at the library. on the list now:

if you've got a favorite book from your bedtime routine, let me know. i'm always looking for suggestions!

Monday, March 30, 2009

sambob tallpants

yesterday sam got changed into one of his pairs of feety pants, and they couldn't be pulled up to his waist anymore. the same thing happened with his other pair today. so i pulled this pair of pants out of the drawer of 3-6 month clothes. they're still a bit too big, but i thought he looked so cute in his go bucks outfit that i took a few pictures. luckily, this was before a multitude of incidents which resulted in a complete outfit change.

pants: handed down from cousin carter, sweatshirt: sent from mississippi by aunt missy, booties: from grandma and grandpa henderson, silly expression: all sam

sweet day

i had a wonderful day on saturday. we got the regular shopping chores done, and then drove out to the outlet mall for a few hours. it was such a nice day to be out that the crowds were more intense than i had anticipated, but it was nice to get out and window shop. i got a new summer jacket and mike got a couple pairs of jeans. after our traditional pizza saturday, we went out to cold stone creamery for dessert. i got "cheesecake fantasy" and mike got "apple pie a la cold stone" and we shared. it was deee-licious. a stellar, sweet, happy birthday to me :)

image via.

Friday, March 27, 2009

splish splash

sam was takin' a bath. and happily, he wasn't totally hating it. i'm not sure he actually enjoyed it, but there was no fussing while he was in the water (that came later when it was time to put on his pajamas). he smelled so nice afterward, i almost didn't want to put him down when it was bedtime. i hope all his baths go just as smoothly.

guess who...

...is getting his first bath tonight! sammy is!!

mike discovered that sam's stump finally fell off when he was doing the 6am diaper switcheroo. hoorah! we finally get to have a real bathtime! my little sweetpickle is growing up already!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

holding on

six weeks old and he's still holding on to that belly button stump! methinks that sammy doesn't want to grow up any more than his parents do. either that, or he really doesn't want to take a bath.

Monday, March 23, 2009


after more than six weeks of no overnight travel, mike will be spending the next few days (and nights) in new york, which means that sam and i will be on our own until thursday or friday. hopefully it will be a peaceful few days with sam doing better with his nighttime routine, and mike will get rested up for his return home. we miss him already.
in other news, the amaryllis in the kitchen has decided to bloom again. still nothing on the christmas cacti, though mom is reporting blooms on hers.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a long time coming

this t-shirt showed up at our house the day after sam was born, and i've been meaning to take a picture of him in it, but he kept having incidents before i could get around to it. until today. thanks for the cute shirt aunt missy! it definitely speaks the truth.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the fancy dress party

sam was baptized this morning. he got to wear the same christening gown that his great grandma jerabek wore when she was baptized. we were happy to see so much family at the service, and were especially happy to eat yummy cookies afterward. mom went super overboard, making all kinds of goodies (cookies, muffins, pumpkin bread). it was quite the spread. i only made two batches of cookies to contribute, but the recipes seem to have been declared keepers. i love a good bar cookie recipe.

birthday bash

yesterday afternoon we attended abby's first birthday bash. it's amazing how big she's gotten. we had a great time watching the birthday girl open gifts and play with her balloons, but the highlight was definitely the cake eating portion of the party. i don't know how much cake she really ate, but she sure seemed to have fun with it. happy birthday abby! and thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SOOO big!

sammy had his one month appointment this afternoon. he's now 9lbs 4oz and 21 inches tall. how big is sammy? SOOOOO big!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 month old

it's hard for me to believe, but sammy is a whole month old today! one month of ginormous blue eyes and loud cries, and all the new things that come with having a new little ninja in the house. i still feel like i'm learning how to do the mom thing, but now that he's broken us in a little, i can't wait to see what he's got cooked up for the next month.

Monday, March 9, 2009

a ninja in my lap

thankfully, the ninja is now sleeping on my shoulder. working was a lot harder when he was squirming and kicking. still, i was able to make progress. above is part of the 2010 palm sunday illustration. i hope it goes over okay.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

sir criesalot vs the daddy dragon

sam has been dubbed sir criesalot. here he is last night doing his best to slay his dad with his yelling. of course, daddy has his own defense. i think he picked this up from chris.

my little hat boy

many thanks to aunt missy, who sent this cute hat (and matching feety things) for sammy. he's got quite a hat wardrobe at this point, and i love going in and picking them out for him to wear. i'm not sure what he thinks about it, but he always looks so cute in them. he's made for hats.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

while he sleeps

sam has had a bit of a tough day. starting at about midnight, he's been having trouble getting settled for any length of time. still, while he was napping earlier, i was able to get a little more done on my bulletins. hopefully he'll have a better, more peaceful evening.

Monday, March 2, 2009

a little studio time

sam and i have spent most of the day today up in the studio. i've got a few bulletin covers to get done by the 13th. luckily my little ninja sidekick finally decided to take a serious nap around noon, so i actually was able to make some real progress.

another purchase when i win the lottery

how cool is this necklace? i wish i understood how it was made, because there's no way i could afford to buy it (unless i win the lottery, that is.)

found via here.


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