Monday, April 30, 2012

work—faith in... signage

another big project we're working on is the "faith in..." campaign. the idea is that this campaign will eventually go nationwide, but we're starting off in cleveland, and that's where my piece of this puzzle comes in. 
part one of my job was to design window clings that reflect the theme. the top image is the layout i came up with for the windows on the east end of the building, and then an image of what this might look like in place.
the second piece of this was to design sets of street banners (using the same, or similar, images that we're using as part of the ucc theme banners in the store), and a mock-up of the 20 foot wide banner that will be hung on the side of the building. 
it's fun to be working on something so big and visible to so many people, but all of this has a deadline of being hung/implemented by the end of may, so i've been working like crazy trying to get everything done (things have to be to the printer(s) next week!)

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