Sunday, April 1, 2012

sam goes to the movies

(sam modeling his 3-D glasses,
which we let him keep rather than recycle as a souvenir of the day)

i'm a little slow on posting this, but last sunday sam saw his first movie in the theatre. he got some movie money from aunt missy, uncle jeremy, oscar and alice to go see "the lorax", so we fortified ourselves for the adventure (who knows what you'll get when you put sam in a large, dark, previously unknown space and try to get him to sit still for two hours) and embarked shortly after naptime.

sam was pretty excited to be going to the theatre (i admit, we hyped it up a little—but even for us going to the movies at the theatre is a rare treat), and even more excited about a box of popcorn bigger than his head (i think it was a medium) and a very large box of mike & ikes (both of which he shared with daddy).

everything went surprisingly well. sam happily munched away for most of the movie and had zero potty accidents (that was my greatest fear). i was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to convince him to keep the 3-D glasses on (i didn't realize we were seeing it in 3-D when we bought the tickets), but he seemed to get the idea and warm up to them eventually (also, did you know that they make them kid-size? i totally didn't. i don't know why i didn't think of that, but i was so surprised and glad that they do). the only fidgeting happened near the end of the story (after the popcorn and candy were gone), and i'll admit even i was getting a bit antsy by then (it's hard to sit still and be quiet for that long! but i'm mostly attributing it to worries that sam's wiggliness was about the errupt into full-on attempts to run through the aisles). of course, when it was time to leave sam was not to be budged. we stayed until the credits were over, and even then he was not convinced that we should be going home.

my favorite part of the experience: watching sam groove to the musical scenes (i REALLY wish i had video of that! it was adorable on top of cute, with a side of awesome).

it will probably be a while before we have another movie-in-the-theatre excursion with the boy, but it was really fun (thanks henderson-joneses!). in case you're wondering, i think sam enjoyed the movie, but his most enthusiastic comment was "more theatre popcorn".

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