Sunday, April 22, 2012

a little update

i realize it's been a while since i've done any kind of sam update, so i thought i'd post a few things about what sam's up to these days:
sam's imagination is really taking off these days—literally. at dinner time his fork is a rocket, when we go somewhere in mike's truck it's our spaceship, even the plastic eggs full of easter candy were blasting off. in fact, one night when he was on the potty before bedtime, i heard him remark to daddy that "my penis looks like a rocketship!"
he comes up with lots of scenarios involving oliver track (his imaginary friend. don't try to call him oliver, he's "oliver TRACK") and oliver track's parents (mostly oliver's daddy, who happens to work with mike and drive a pickup truck and also be named mike).
two weeks ago we took a speedboat to europe, blasted off in a spaceship, and drove a garbage truck to the recycle center all at the playground. i've never had so many adventures in the space of an hour before.

he enjoys a good dose of silly. yesterday at bedtime he put on his pull-up...and one on his head, and one on each of my wrists. he thought this was HILARIOUS. it was pretty funny.

sam loves to do puzzles, particularly his 12 piece truck puzzles. at this point, we don't think he actually has to think very hard to put them together, we're pretty sure that he's got them memorized. i recently ordered some more because sam will happily spend 20-30 minutes putting them together, ripping them apart, and putting them together again (this is currently the best activity during a church service—as long as we can keep track of the pieces.)

sam loves poems. we are currently working our way through where the sidewalk ends, but he also enjoys a child's garden of verses and other poetry.

sam is currently obsessed with:
a) john denver. he will sing thank god i'm a country boy, take me home, country roads, and rocky mountain high at the drop of a hat, and requests sunshine on my shoulders at bedtime. it may not be the most trendy choice of music, but it sure is darn cute.
b) star wars. so far he's seen episodes 4 and 6, and likes to relate the plot to me in detail. he also likes to "bew" (shoot) bad guy spaceships (again with the spaceships) and use his lightsabers to kill the bad guys that seem to be lurking around every corner.
c) his chapstick. he has his own mint flavored chapstick that he applies frequently (and proceeds to lick off right away). 
d) polishing off the rest of his easter candy. and i will be overjoyed when it's finally gone.

he is still quite the chatterbox (assuming he's not asleep or being shy) and frequently has me cracking up with his commentary. for example, a couple of weeks ago he was spinning around in the living room, and when he stopped, he said, "whew! it's dizzy in here!"

honestly, i wish i could hire a camera crew to document these days, because there's no way i'm going to be able to remember all of his awesomeness at this age. and i frequently feel badly for everyone else who doesn't get to be part of daily experience that is being sam's mom. bottom line: despite the fact that he has days where he pees on the floor (twice), or throws a fit because he didn't get to wear the blue pants, i think my kid rocks.
(photo above: sam eating pizza and driving his "transport" aka his cup)

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