Saturday, April 28, 2012


i've been thinking about doing some new artwork for the frames that will move to sam's new room. the original stuff i put up was done so long ago that it doesn't really reflect him much, and i was thinking that some trucks might be the perfect thing for my vehicle obsessed child.
i had some doodles in my sketchbook that i thought i could translate into something decent. and now i've got more than a dozen to work with (and about five frames to fill). i'm not precisely sure what i've got in mind, but (as everything in our house) it's a work in progress. and i'm pretty sure he'll be happy with it, for the time being at least.
though perhaps i should incorporate some space ships...

i also think i need to come up with some kind of decoration to make the girl's room special for her. i have some thoughts, but nothing concrete yet.

in other news, i had my 24 week visit to the doctor on friday and the report was that so far, so good with the little bean. i'm always glad to hear that everything is alright, and that i'm not just getting beat up from the inside for nothing. this kid is definitely related to "ninja", and apparently is a bit of a night owl as well.

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