Sunday, July 11, 2010

the problem with quilting

i've been wanting to try my hand at quilting for a long time, and since we're planning on putting sam into his own bed sometime soon, i thought now might be the time to dive in and give it a try. i've gotten a few fat quarters to work with that will color coordinate with what's already in his room, but i'm having a hard time deciding on what i'd like to pattern to look like. even with relatively simple shapes (squares and triangles only, please), there are so many possibilities…
i'm hoping to jump in soon (it would be nice to have the handwork ready for driving to minnesota), but for motivation and inspiration, i've been looking at some quilting books i borrowed from mom, as well as this and this.
status updates are sure to follow. also, advice is much appreciated.

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mom h said...

It is difficult to decide with so many options. I guess his monkey quilt won't fit his decor very well, but it should make a pretty good tent. I have finished the quilting and am working on the assembly. YAY!


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