Friday, July 16, 2010

because i like projects

i convinced mike that we should by this chair from craigslist for $10 in the hopes that i could rehab it into fabulousness.
at first, being the natural wood kind of girl that i am, i originally thought i would just refinish it and maybe have the seat re-caned (or whatever), but now i'm thinking white paint and a bold, graphic-print fabric seat (see inspiration here, here, and here). i mean, it's not what i would typically do, but sometimes something different can be fun and liberating and whatnot, right?

what would you do?


Missy said...

paint and fabric! but if it were a seat i was covering, i'd have to have fabric that would wipe clean easily because oscar is the messiest boy in the entire universe...

mom h said...

That chair place we went to in chagrin falls did a nice job of redoing the chair from granny's desk that chris and angie have. I also have info on doing that kind of seat if you wanted to keep it as it was designed.


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