Monday, July 19, 2010

i have reason to be proud

here's a snippet from the email i got from sam's daycare yesterday:
"We so love Sam's company - he is one of the brightest, happiest, most engaging and most engaged little boys ever to grace our domain, and good golly but he's so darn cute with that blond hair and summer tan!! Ye Gods, girl....hope you make some more of those! :)"

mike says that no one would tell me even if sam wasn't wonderful, but i believe it's all true.


Ang said...

Wow, that's nice. Sound like you have a great daycare. Oh, and Mike is right, but so are the ladies :)

Missy said...

i believe it, too.

and mike is right, but i dont think they'd be telling you to make some more if sam wasn't wonderful!

mom h said...

These day care ladies know of what they speak. They have a lot more to compare to. We just expect sam to be the way he is because he's part of this cool family!


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