Friday, January 1, 2010

a very merry

now that all the festivities are over, i've been thinking about what to report about christmas. i guess the bottom line is this: our families are awesome. we love to see them. we love to hang out and eat great food and be silly and play video games and make cookies and do all those fun things that just don't happen enough. we do not, however, enjoy driving with the threat of a screaming boy hovering over us in the backseat while we make our way to the various gatherings. and though we really did have a spectacular time, and sam (for the most part) did a fabulous job of sleeping in transport, i do certainly hope that in the future sam will roll with things a little easier. it took a couple of days of being back in his home territory for him to settle back down into his "schedule". in the past week we have all been making good use of his new stash of toys (and i'm enjoying the fact that we've got a place to store most of them too! woo!) thanks to all who made this such a happy holiday for the three of us. we love you!

still, i really think someone needs to get busy and invent those transporters right quick. i don't know what the hold-up is. they've had them on star trek for ages. who's with me? missy?

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missy said...

jeremy and i talk about that all the time... we'd be able to stop by for dinner! beam me up!


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