Friday, January 1, 2010

on my list - notes to self, the 2010 edition

so it seems like all the bloggers are posting up a storm of resolutions (or goals or whatnot) for 2010, and i thought i might as well jump on the bandwagon, as i'm certainly hoping to do a little self-improving this year. maybe if i post them on here, i might actually accomplish one or two (or at least my collossal failures will make good post-fodder, eh?)

here they are, in no particular order:

  • buy a new calendar and remember to write things down on it
  • try more new foods/new recipes (ideally one a week -- realizing that life sometimes doesn't allow for such things - quick'n'easy/tried'n'true meals are called such for a reason)
  • remember to set aside time for excercise (preferrably before 10pm)
  • find more time to be creative and make things with my own two hands (this includes finishing the scarf i've been working on for nearly a year now, and various other projects in multiple stages of not-finishedness -- this does not include random messes and piles of unwashed dishes)
  • fill up one sketchbook
  • buy pretty/fun stamps and send real letters
  • teach sam how to use a sippy cup
  • buy less "stuff" (in particluar, do not buy more things for more projects that i have no hope of finishing before i'm able to finish all the projects i've already bought materials for)
  • feel better about my post-sam body
  • get more organized (especially when it comes to papers/magazines/etc.) and learn how to use the new back-up drive we got for christmas
  • clean the bathroom before it becomes atrocious (this is a big one. it's always atrocious.)
  • make a genuine effort to market myself (which includes setting up some kind of portfolio site)

*whew* i think this is enough to begin with.

p.s. that cute planner can be found here.


missy said...

that sounds like a very good list! i'm thinking i should sit down and make a list of my own...

Petit Elefant said...

Seriously, coming to terms with my post baby body is one of the hardest/most liberating things I've ever done.

good luck!


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