Friday, January 15, 2010

sock wars

sam and i are in full battle mode.
he does not want to wear his socks. i want his piggies to be warm and toasty, and it's cold in the basement. he pulls them off, and crawls away. i snatch them up, i snatch him up, and we sit down, and i put them back on. he thinks it's a game. i think it's a war. some days i think i win. some days i know he wins. most of the time it's a draw--he walks around with one sock on and one sock off. i guess i should be glad that at least half of his toes are warm and that so far (knock on wood) we are at least managing to still have pairs of socks. yay for small victories.
speaking of which, i see some naked piggies...
cute handmade socks found here.

1 comment:

missy said...

i was STILL having that war with oscar.. i've found pjs with footies attached to be the best option.

(that is until sunday when nana brought him a pair of mater socks and since then he's all about socks.. any socks...)


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