Saturday, March 17, 2012

switch swatch

one of the dilemmas currently on our to-do list is figuring out how to get sam happily moved into the spare room (the bigger bedroom) and sam's old room ready for the little sister. ideally, we'd like to have sam moved into his room at least one month before the girl arrives on the scene, and the first step in that process is getting the room repainted.
sam's current room is a denim-y blue that (after the room had been fully painted), i really decided was way too dark for my liking. so this time around, i picked out some much lighter blues, and we're going to let sam have a say in what the final choice is. i narrowed it down to four choices that i can totally live with, no matter what sam picks, but i'm still a little bit worried he's going to feel displaced (despite the fact that he's really getting an upgrade here). we shall see how it all works out, i suppose.
for the little girl's room, i picked out a bunch of grey/tan swatches, with the intention that the wall colors should be neutral, and as she gets bigger (grows out of all sam's baby hand-me-down stuff), we can re-decorate with color accents and accessories that are more girlie. mike and i both seem to have agreed on the most neutral grey, and i think it will be fine.
there will surely be updates as the rooms progress, but for now, we are (as usual) setting a leisurely pace.

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mom said...

can't figure out why you're moving Sam. Girls always take more room for their stuff than boys do...


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