Thursday, March 1, 2012

oh joy!

we found out today at our ultrasound that it's a 99% certainty that we're having a girl.
i have to admit that i'm a little disappointed that we're not going to get extra mileage out of some of sam's newborn clothes (though, i can probably get away with blue onsies with little footballs on them in the privacy of our own house, right? right? i mean, they're so cute.) but i'm also thinking that little dresses can be just as much fun as truck shirts, tea parties can be as much fun as rocketships, and that it's okay to mix pink legos in with fire engine legos (all kids like legos—at least, they should). i also hear tell that potty training a girl is a lot easier (which i'm hoping is true), and that they're not as rowdy as boys (though having seen my nieces, i'm not sure i believe this one). in any case, even another boy would be a different story than sam, and it will be a whole new adventure finding out what "not sam" is like.
(let's not think about the teenage years yet though. i know what my teenage years were like, and i am not looking forward to it.)

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