Friday, March 16, 2012

making—wrapping paper

last month mike rescued a huge stack of ginormous paper from the recycling bins at work. since then we've been making giant pictures (mostly of trucks and rocketships), big paintings, robots to sword fight with (because chopping mama up while she's doing dishes is NOT recommended), and truck stop signs.
this week we made some personalized wrapping paper for the cousins having birthdays in march. i drew some basic birthday-type stuff (balloons, streamers, confetti, party hats, and candles) with a sharpie, and then sam and i colored them in with crayons like a giant coloring book page. it was sam's idea to add the truck, which i turned into a cake truck (because that seemed more birthday-like than a garbage truck—his original request).
i do believe that we're going to be rather sad when the giant paper runs out. however, in the meantime, we're having a blast.


Missy said...

awesome!! i can't wait to see it!

Ang said...

I loved it, unfortunately I don't think Abby paid much attention.


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