Thursday, February 11, 2010

sam's party

i think sam's party went pretty well. i probably should've planned more food and less cake (considering we still have a big hunk on the kitchen table), but live and learn. at least sammy had a good time. i know he loves being around all those people, especially when he gets to be the center of attention. it was great to see all the family. i hope we can have everyone over again soon.
after we finished up, and the boy had a nap, we went over to doug and karen's house to celebrate allison's birthday that evening. needless to say, sammy was pooped and partied out.


mom h said...

Amazing how he ate his cake and ice cream all while holding on to that blue block. Is that like a "blankie?" ... a security block?

--r said...

i dunno. he doesn't seem to miss it when he can't find it, but it's definitely a favorite.


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