Friday, February 5, 2010

party planning and a peanut

there's a little peanut here that will be turning 1 in less than a week. because we love this little peanut, we've decided to host a party in his honor. however, because i'm not my sister (as in, not a super-duper-party-planning-goddess and someone who enjoys getting some sleep), we're keeping everything super simple. i'm doing a little decorating, but not going nuts. the food will be easy-peasy so that we'll all have a chance to visit with the family (rather than bustling around the kitchen and making myself crazy(er)).
the thing i'm spending the most time on is the cake. well, not the cake as such. i decided to do an angelfood cake and make some yummy fruit toppings (for my fruit-lovin' boy). so i'm making some strawberry-rhubarb sauce, some raspberry sauce, and some yummy cooked peaches. i know this means no icing-covered-baby photos, but i'm willing to forgo those for something i hope will be much tastier. i hope it turns out alright.

stay tuned to find out how it goes (unless you're attending, in which case, we'll see you tomorrow!)

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