Thursday, February 25, 2010

last week i was really hungry for pioneer bread. saturday we actually bought eggs (oringinally mike had intended to make sam eggs for breakfast, but that never happened), so i decided i would finally try this recipe (which, unless you couldn't guess, calls for an egg). the first time, the bread didn't rise up and fill the whole pan, which was weird, but it tasted alright. mom sent me the recipe again yesterday, and i was WAY off in what i copied down. so off, in fact, that i'm wondering what i was reading, because it clearly was NOT the right recipe. anywho, this was my second attempt today. it still didn't turn out quite right (i left it to rise both times, and it still didn't fill the pan--maybe i need to add more yeast?) but it sure tasted good. maybe i'll give it another go next week.

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