Thursday, September 10, 2009

sammy the 7 month old

7 month old sammy likes:
- "little dude" (the guy who came with his dump truck) - 9 times out of 10 he's the toy that sammy grabs first, and he'll sit and examine him over and over, day after day
- tags (especially those with writing on them) - he likes tags and loops, but he's most interested in the ones that have some kind of writing on them
- playing "peeker, peeker" (peek-a-boo) - i have a feeling that he could play much longer than i would want to. the easiest way to leave a room is pretend that we're playing "peeker, peeker." if i peer around the corner every once in a while, it's a game, not an i've-been-left-alone moment.
- visiting with "baby sam" in the mirror
- fruit - particularly bananas, apples, pears, and peaches
- being tickled on the legs - being tickled on his ribs and feet are also high on the enjoyment scale
- the jumpster - he loves jumping in the doorway while i make dinner, water the plants, or work in the kitchen
- being tossed and dangled - this boy is a rollercoaster lover in the making
- walkies - the easiest way to calm a fussy sam is a nice walk.
- goodnight calls to daddy - when mike is out of town, we call him at bedtime (before stories). sam's face just lights up as soon as mike starts talking to him on the phone. smiles and talking (or yelling) follow.
7 month old sammy dislikes:
- waiting for dinner - being hungry is tragic and tear inducing. it's very hard to distract a hungry sam.
- being sleepy - this boy likes his sleep. getting there isn't always easy, but once he's sleeping, he's a happy little man.

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