Thursday, September 17, 2009

food for the dude

the other day i was reading an article about homemade baby food vs jarred baby food, and they mentioned the fact that companies that make babyfood are allowed to have a certain amount of things like rat hairs and bug bits in their food. yuck! it made me glad that i've been mostly making sammy's baby food myself. at least that way i know that if there's miscellaneous whatnot in it, it's probably my own fault.
last week i wanted to make sweet potatoes (we bought some of the gerber stuff, and sam really liked it, so i thought i'd try to make my own), but all they had at the grocery was "yams". i figured it was all about the same, but apparently it's not. anywho, i don't think that sam can tell much of a difference. i cooked them up last saturday with a little bit of pumpkin pie spice in them (maybe this only makes sense with sweet potatoes, but sam doesn't seem to mind). today we made fruit salad (peaches and apples with cinnamon), green beans, and lentils. both the green beans and lentils are the new things for this week. i'm anxious to try these out. if he likes the lentils, i'd like to try adding some garlic powder and cumin to them. if he's going to live with me, he's going to need to learn to like garlic and cumin - that's for certain.

and here are his lovely little portions. watch out tummy! here comes the dinner!

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mom h said...

I think it was the yams with spices that he was so enthusiastic about on Saturday. Had I been quick with another cube he would have certainly eaten it.


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