Tuesday, September 29, 2009

fundraisers for fall

i've been working for the past month (when not playing bejeweled blitz on facebook) on a couple of projects for some local non-profits. the first is the 2009 readathon for DDR. they've been having me produce a multitude of print materials for this event. i really hope it's a great success.

the second is a collaboration between the nature center at shaker lakes and the local motophoto. this is basically a non-profit project for me as well, but i hope it will be another chance to market my work to the community. so far i've designed this photo border that will be available to nature center members who have portraits taken by motophoto staff this fall.
they have also requested some 4" x 8" christmas card designs, which i'm still working on. i'll post some images for those soon (i hope).

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