Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pots of chili and lovely leftovers

i've decided that one of the best things about my new part-time hours is the ability to make REAL food for dinner. not just the "pop something frozen into the oven/microwave" dinners that we've been doing. REAL cooking.
last week on thursday i made pizza (since we would be otherwise occupied on our pizza saturday) and yesterday i made two batches of chili (one with beef, one vegetarian) and some sourdough bread. i LOVE chili. it makes the house smell lovely. i get to chop and stir and spill things into pots to my heart's delight. AND it makes lovely leftovers for the next night - which just happens to be the night that i'm working. brilliant!
i have no real recipe that i follow. i usually just mix and dump and guess. i don't think it's ever the same twice, but it always, always, always hits the spot.

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