Wednesday, July 8, 2009

big wheels

monday night we upgraded sammy's wheels to a new-to-us, second-hand, jogging stroller. the stroller i purchased pre-sam was about the most compact, no-nonsense model i could find. it's awfully nice, but we found that the small wheels just didn't handle our sidewalks that well and it wasn't exactly a stellar height for mike to push. so, enter the jogging stroller.
yesterday i dug out the bicycle pump, and sam and i gave it a good run around the neighborhood. sam approved the new vehicle by falling asleep, and the only trouble it had was crossing the road that's being resurfaced, and even that wasn't too bad. now we can hit the sidewalks with ease (and speed)!
thanks to karen for the tip that her friend was posting it to craigslist.

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