Monday, July 6, 2009

a fabulous fourth

today i'm back at work after a lovely, busy 4th of july weekend. it was a marathon of driving and visiting and eating and talking, and it was so very fantastic, that we wished it could have gone on for several more days.
we started thursday evening, driving down to stay in columbus to spend the night with mike's mom and john. then another 2 hours or so of driving friday morning to middletown. we spent friday visiting with family, playing a little cornhole, checking out some new digs, and enjoying the little ones (especially showing off our very own). there was gorgeous weather, great food, and funny stories shared on a cozy screened porch. sam, not wanting to miss a beat, was wide awake past his normal bedtime (as were his parents) and waited until the other grown-ups were all filing out to decide that sleeping might just be a good idea afterall.
saturday sam had the chance to meet his only remaining great-grandfather, followed by a bit more visiting, cornholing, then packing up and lots of good-byes. the five hour drive back up to my parents' house was a little bit more stressful, but sam did really well, regardless of the fact that he hates being in his carseat with a passion. by the end of the trip, we were handing him pacifiers and hoping (and praying) he would remain asleep (or at least quiet) for the remainder of the drive. that night we had a fantastically delicious dinner with my family, with cake and ice cream for my dad (the birthday boy), followed by fireworks at the city park. as usual, the fireworks were wonderful (much better than you would expect for a city of that size), and sam (who was extremely exhausted at this point) watched all the goings-on with barely any reaction whatsoever. at one point, he was so distracted by my oohing and ahhing (and making weird faces) that he stared at me, rather than the fireworks. at least there was no crying (hoo-rah!)
yesterday was a day of rest and catching up. we did our shopping, laundry, etc. and sam did a record amount of sleeping (hours, people! hours!) the like of which we probably won't see again for a great while (unless we're supremely lucky).
all-in-all it was a most fabulous fourth. thanks to everyone who extended their hospitality to the three of us. we had a wonderful time!

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