Thursday, June 11, 2009

traveling daddy - day four

dear daddy--
today was lots of fun. mom got to work from home, so my job was to entertain her. while she sat at the computer, i read... and hung out on the couch and napped (you can see my hair in this photo!)...
and played on the floor while i told her all kinds of stuff.

i'm not sure she understood all my stories, but she took breaks so we could eat and play silly games. there was a lot of laughing today. and i managed to have both the bouncy-chair covers go into the laundry. luckily, we were able to have lots of fun and find places to play without them.

i'm feeling pretty tired. mom says it's almost bedtime anyway. we're nearly finished with the first story in the big book, but maybe tomorrow you can start reading me a new one.

i'm glad you'll be home tomorrow. i miss you lots.

love -- sammy

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