Saturday, June 6, 2009

peepy sleeple

i finally did it. i fell asleep on the train and missed my stop. twice. in the same day. i knew it was bound to happen eventually. and so it did. yesterday. oops.
sammy had a rough night thursday night. lots of tossing and turning and wiggling and not wanting to be put down, which resulted in two very tired parents and one cutie of a boy who woke up just as happy and smiley and giggly as ever. his parents...not so much. we were terribly glad that it was friday and that we could sleep in this morning. we almost made it until 7. mike is still in bed now (lucky duck), but sam is wide awake and telling me that he'd like a little breakfast. it's a good thing he's so cute.


missy said...

did you try laying down to nurse him? you could get a lot more sleep that way..

ang said...

I just love this picture.


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