Monday, June 8, 2009

traveling dad - day one

dear daddy --
had a good day today. came home with one wet outfit and one poopy outfit and someone else's pants on. laughed at mom when she tried to tickle me, when she put bottles in the fridge, and when she tried to feed me. wet another outfit. wet mom's outfit. got a new outfit. decided to test my lung capacity by yelling when i was happy. thought that went well so decided to yell when i needed to burp. it didn't help, so decided to try the combo of squirming and yelling. ate until i fell asleep. decided to give mom a break and stay asleep for my diaper change and being put to bed.
i might try that yelling thing again later when i've rested up. mom seemed to think it was exciting.
i miss you.
love -- sammy

1 comment:

missy said...

awww... sounds like a tiring day. i wonder if the other mom is wondering where her son's pants went.

sammy looks absolutely perfect. i wish i could come snuggle him.


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