Saturday, April 4, 2009

chair switcheroo

we decided to move the rocking chair to the living room, and the big chair from our room to sam's. it'll be great for storytime and midnight snacks and such (mmm...comfy). i decided it could use a slipcover though, not just because it didn't go with my color scheme, but because i'm all about things that can be washed in case of accidents (hence the two futons with removable, washable covers). we got this great red slipcover from it arrived yesterday and was sent into action directly. i'm now working on a pillow cover with leftover fabric from this project.


JulieJr said...


How did you get a slip cover that fits perfectly? After ballpoint pen and other various stains on our sofa cushions, I think I need to take this route, but am not sure how to determine fit.

--Julie Alice

--r said...

40% luck, 40% tucking, and 20% measuring.

honestly, i just read all the descriptions and fitting instructions, measured as well as i could, and then crossed my fingers and ordered. the fact that i could just return the cover to any target store if it was a colossal failure was a major bonus.

i just wish they had an ottoman cover in the same color!


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