Saturday, April 18, 2009

busy bees part 2: easter sunday

easter sunday we woke up early so we could join the family at church to blow up balloons. i wish i had taken pictures, but we were quickly put to work and needed to use both hands (and sometimes a foot) to get things done (and keep sammy bouncing and happy).

after the balloon launch, everyone gathered at our house for dinner. we all marveled at abby's ability to scarf down strawberries and be amazingly cute all at once. it was so nice to have a house full of family!
mom and dad also dropped off the crib for sammy, complete with bumper pads hand sewn by mom that match his decor. it was put together and sammy had his first easter and first night in the crib that very night.


missy said...
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missy said...

mom just told me about you guys having a time trying to get the sheet on sammy's mattress.. i usually just lift the mattress out and put the sheet on and then shove it back in.


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