Saturday, April 18, 2009

busy bees part 4: the new routine

tuesday morning i started back to work, which meant getting up and going early enough to get sam fed and to the daycare by 7:30 and me to the train by 7:45. i took some time off the first couple of days so that sam could be picked up by 3pm, and mike took some time to pick him up early the following two days.
sam had no trouble adjusting to the new routine or charming the grownups at the daycare. i had more trouble with it, and came to work on tuesday still a bit teary from having to leave sammy.

this monday i have a meeting with my supervisors to find out about my request for part-time hours.


missy said...

i'll be crossing my fingers!

ang said...

good job Mommy and Sammy I'm sure it was a very hard week :)


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