Monday, November 17, 2008

soft and white and fluffy and cold

we've been getting our first real (sticking) snow of the season today. i admit that i wasn't quite ready to trade in my lovely walking shoes for my extremely comfy (but much heavier) snow boots when taking my daily strolls, but it is awfully pretty (and totally better than the nasty, cold rain that preceeded it). i'm hoping we'll have plenty of the white stuff for when missy and her crew are up for christmas. i believe there has already been talk of shoveling and sledding, provided the weather cooperates. it would be nice to let oscar get some snowball-making practice in while he can, not to mention snowmen and snow dragons and snow forts!

1 comment:

missy said...

i was already looking through oscar's shoe collection for something he could play in the snow in.. i've got some rubber boots that are a couple sized too big, so i might stuff them with some socks and plastic bags :) i hope we get to play in the snow!!


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