Saturday, November 22, 2008

candy by football-light

my activity during the ohio state/michigan game this afternoon was working on fondants. the reason for this activity: a couple of my co-workers have instigated a cookie exchange, and we're each responsible for making nine dozen of some tasty treat. this seemed like a good solution because 1) the aforementioned co-workers "suggested" candy - which i took as a request, 2) the recipe makes plenty to fill my quota, and 3) they will be by far the easiest thing to transport on the train to work.
so...we went to bj's today to buy our 4lb bag of confectioners sugar and made a special stop for flavoring and candy melts. i'm just making two flavors to begin with. the green is peppermint (i think this will have dark and milk chocolate coating) and the pink is raspberry (i think this will get the white coating, but maybe a little dark chocolate also). i also bought maple flavor, but i'm not sure if i have enough time to do more yet. i'm really hoping for some profits to bring to some other gatherings, but may end up making another batch if there aren't enough left and i've got time to spare.
i'm hoping to do the dipping and decorating tomorrow.

ps - the buckeyes won and i don't think they even needed me to wear my lucky underpants (though i did)


missy said...

i wish you had posted this before i went to the grocery store - i want to make some! actually, i dont remember how.. the maple sounds really good.. it seems to me you need to decorate some with dark chocolate and milk chocolate to look like buckeyes. mmmm maple buckeyes... which reminds me.. we love hanging up our buckeye ornament that mike made and we'll probably be doing that next weekend! :)

--r said...

i'm hoping to have some to feed you when you visit at christmas. if i put some in the vegetable drawer, they'll be safe from mike ;)


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