Thursday, November 13, 2008

baby bedding

i've been casually looking at baby bedding, just to see what's out there and what's available. so much of it is really cute. almost too cute. bears and bulldozers and farm animals - oh my! it's a little overwhelming to someone who prefers things to be a bit more plain.
nevertheless... i've come across two sets that aren't too, too much. or maybe they are, but i thought they were worthy of posting.
the first one i really thought was cute (but not too cute), and i like the football theme, but maybe it's carrying it a little too far to have football bedding, no? plus, what if our ultrasound was an anomaly and we have a girl? would it be too strange to put a girl to bed in a crib adorned with helmets and footballs?

i'm a bit more fond of the second one. it's got the "right" colors without being too theme-y, but maybe it's not "baby" enough. what say you?

anywho... just something to think about in a non-commital sort of way.


missy said...

oooo... i love the second one.. hold on, i have to go back through your old posts and look at the football alphabet.. ok *clicks back and forth repeatedly* yes.. i still like the second one best.

Ang said...

I agree, second one is better. I likey.


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