Monday, October 13, 2008

more football

on the theme of football, we are going to the monday night football game tonight—the browns vs. the giants. the weather is supposed to be lovely (no blizzard like the last game we attended—where they were using leaf blowers to clear enough snow off the field so that they could see the yard lines!) mike's already got one game—and one win—under his belt for the week (he was at the OSU vs. purdue game saturday), so we're hoping he can bring some good luck to the browns. of course, as long as i get my hot pretzel, i'll feel like i've gotten a win anyway.

update: not only did the browns show us a good time and a spectacular win (against the superbowl champs, no less!), but the weather was stellar and the hot pretzels were big and salty and PERFECT!! huzzah!!

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