Saturday, October 11, 2008

a football alphabet

this is what i've been working on to fill those frames in the boy's room. i was inspired by a guest dad post on design mom. i chose "t is for touchdown," "s is for safety," and "h is for holding."

i still need to paint the frames white to match the trim in the room. a project for another day.


missy said...

so.. ANOTHER strange coincidence... i have that very post saved on my bloglines.. you can 'keep new' a post so that it pops up everytime you view the other new posts.. i guess the really strange part is that i happened to save something about football... is that red or orange? i cant tell from the picture.. well, the picture looks orange but i would have expected red and grey. those are going to be cute :) plus they will last a long time because you wont have to worry about the decor looking too baby-ish when he's getting older..

--r said...

yeah. the letters are red, and the paper is a dark-ish blue/grey (what i happened to have on hand). perhaps it's the bluish paper that makes them look so orange. it could also be the lighting.


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