Saturday, October 25, 2008

just too cute

i just couldn't resist these. they're just too cute. i don't know that i would make teeny cookies, but thought they might be fun for decorating a pie (hello, farmers' market apples!) last year i passed up the football shaped cookie cutters, and now i'm thinking they would've been a good purchase, so when i spotted these, i grabbed them!


Summer said...

hello there, this is my first visit to you blog and it is simply lovely! I can't wait to come around again.
I love these cookie cutters you picked up- I was tempted by something very similar... I'm glad that one of us gave in! happy baking!

missy said...

i've got an assortment of the leaf cutters.. i think two or three kinds of leaves with three sizes each and three sizes of the acorns.. i've been pondering the cookie cutters you sent me. so far i thought about using them for decorating pie, for cutting shapes of fondant for on cakes, for cutting out shapes of dough for on mini pot pies, and i was even thinking about cutting out shapes in the pepperoni i'll be putting on our halloween pizza.


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