Tuesday, November 6, 2012

buckeye bucket list

in less than two weeks the henderson-jones clan will be arriving for a one week visit, and this time we'll be lucky enough to be hosting! there are so many things we'd like to do with these special relatives that we don't get to see nearly as often as we'd like, so inspired by missy, i thought sam and i should make a "buckeye bucket list" of things to do in our corner of ohio. this is what we've come up with thus far:
  • lightsaber battles (i think sam intended this for oscar and himself, though others might be welcome to join in)
  • go for a hike to the overlook and feed the birds (i'll have to go get some sunflower seeds for this)
  • ride the train to tower city and see the christmas decorations (i hope they'll be up in time, as they usually are)
  • make buckeyes (or find a place to buy them) to take back to mississippi
  • go to the playground
  • go to the indoor pool
  • take lucy for a walk (at shaker lakes)
  • play legos
  • read something (preferably about star wars)
  • share halloween candy (for dessert)
  • have thanksgiving dinner
  • have a fire in the fireplace, roast marshmallows, have s'mores
i'm sure we'll come up with more and there will be lots of things we won't end up having time for, but it's fun to think about enjoyable things to do (much more fun than the list of all that needs to get done before the visit. bathroom scrubbing anyone?)

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Missy said...

I'm SOOOO excited!!


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