Sunday, November 11, 2012

breaking news—rollin' along

this morning i put lucy down on her blanket for some tummy time, and i left her with the boys to go grab the laundry. when i came back into the room, she was on her back. i asked the boys if either of them had helped her roll over (i know she doesn't like tummy time that much, so i thought maybe one of them had flipped her over in response to some fussing). nope. neither one had touched her.
so i put her back on her tummy to see if she would roll over again, and sure enough. the next time i looked at her (i was distracted by a loud and excited sam), she was on her back again! i tried for a third time, but since i was watching closely this time she decided she'd had enough of this business and gave a good fuss about the fact that she had turned herself onto her back twice now and for some reason i totally wasn't getting the hint that "this stinks and i don't want to do it anymore, mom!"
anywho, apparently lucy can flip herself now. which also means we need to be a little more careful where we leave the little bugger. *sigh* immobility is much easier to deal with.

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