Thursday, June 21, 2012

pudding painting

i remember hearing about this a million years ago, but thought it might be fun for sam to try today. he happened to talk daddy and me into buying some vanilla pudding at the grocery last saturday, so i mixed up a little bit with red, yellow, and blue food coloring and was going to let sam finger paint with it—plus, he'd get to lick his fingers and generally get all messy, fun right?

well, it turned out that sam was a little gun shy when it came to putting his fingers into the pudding paint—go figure! but he did use a spoon to blop it and stir it around and such. of course, his favorite part was the eating.
when he was done, we took the remainder of the pudding and i had him guess what color we'd make if we mixed the different colors—a tasty lesson in color theory.

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